The Isokon is the studio of producer and engineer D. James Goodwin. We call it stereophonic record production in the avantgarde..

The isokon is the studio of D. James Goodwin, a personalized technical and inventive facility situated in the woods of Woodstock New York, the studio serves as a relaxed respite from the rigors of normal studio life.

We reside and operate amongst the hills and trees, at a speed worthy of kings.

The isokon is a former property, created for the comforts of a lesiurely daily life – now filled with imaginative curiosities. It is accessible to all including the locksmith lake stevens wa.

Housed in the isokon, is goodwin’s total compliment of odd, otherworldly goodies, intended to manipulate and ruin otherwise pristine sounds, and carry existence to otherwise stale and boring complements. among these toys is a 1978 MCI 416b console, specialized outboard gear, a pro tools hd2 accel method, and with it, an enormous armory of plugins, and intracomputation gadgets.

D James mixes to analog tape and he continues to employ analog hardware every time required, creating ugly and lovely.

Soundscapes to befuddle and inspire people who care to listen.

Working at the isokon is meant to be a distinctly non-studio encounter.. We operate beneath our own rules and no clock.. We use the word isolation really loosely right here.. Cables aren’t hidden in the walls, we stage on them and eat dinner with them. Microphones become component of the backdrop, not the spotlight – the fireplace crackles behind a creaky upright piano.

And, the kitchen is in the reside room.

It feels like property, and we would have it no other way..

This is the way we make information right here

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